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Stephanie Coady Counselling Therapy is an independent private counselling practice run by Stephanie Coady, MEd, LCT-C, C.C.C, inside East Coast Chiropractic in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.


East Coast Chiropractic has been providing exceptional healthcare services since 2014, and this brand-new, state-of-the-art space opened in 2019. ECC offers a multi-disciplinary healthcare approach (chiropractic, physiotherapy, perinatal nursing and mental health counselling).

We offer:

  • Free parking for clients.

  • Wheelchair accessibility and ground floor access.

  • Gender-inclusive washroom.

  • Welcoming front desk staff.


My office has:

  • Big windows, which provide warmth, natural sunlight & limited overhead lighting.

  • Cozy blankets, coffee & tea options, fidget spinners, and colouring books.

  • Insulated soundproofed walls and a solid core door so your session remains fully confidential.


Virtual Sessions are also available for residents of New Brunswick

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